In Honor of Zach Sobiech

An incredible kid with an inspirational story about living life in the face of death:

For Zach, “life is really just beautiful moments, one right after the other.”

Faced with the terminal diagnosis of osteosarcoma, he realized that “my closure is being able to get my feelings into these songs.” Zach’s own illness narratives took the form of music.

Zach died this past Monday, “fly[ing] up a little higher.”


Filed under Chronicling Childhood Cancer: Illuminating the Illness Experience through Narrative, Film, Voice

2 responses to “In Honor of Zach Sobiech

  1. Bina Boaz Moses

    An interesting topic, that has been very beautifully assembled. Looking forward to all that you uncover in the future. Good luck with your presentation in June.


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