Tiny Superheroes : “Empowering Extraordinary Kids- One Cape at a Time”

Robyn Rosenberger & TinySuperheroes

Robyn Rosenberger & TinySuperheroes

Bam! Pow! Kaboom!

What began as a birthday gift for a nephew has quickly become a gift for all the superhero children around the world. It started with Superhero Brenna, whose diagnosis with a rare skin disorder gave her the superpower of endurance, of “redefin[ing] beautiful” and blessing those around her. Kids like Brenna who face serious disabilities or illnesses display superhero qualities every day. The boldness to be, the bravery to endure. These are kids who deserve to be appreciated, whose effort and persistence amidst hard times should not go unrecognized. 

Tiny Superheroes gives children capes to empower them through their journeys with disability or illness. These capes are handmade in vibrant colors with letters personalized for each child. They materialize our appreciation for these children, these tiny superheroes all around us. This organization honors these children not merely through material capes but also by showcasing their journeys through blog posts “in hopes of giving them a voice, their illness or disability a face, and the world the opportunity to stretch.”

Robyn Rosenberger & TinySuperheroes

Robyn Rosenberger & TinySuperheroes

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