Week 1: E-Introductions due to MLK Day

Since we observed MLK day and did not meet in person for our first day of class, Week 1 included completing the following readings and reflective writing assignment. Each student introduced themselves, reflected on the following prompt, and responded to a classmate’s post on our online discussion board. Haikus were the most popular creative writing form!

January 16 – MLK Day, No Class. E-introductions.

*Watch Pecha Kucha on Narrative Medicine

*Start Cultural Intelligence Assessment (due 2/6)

*Part I from Rita Charon, Narrative Medicine: Honoring the Stories of Illness (pgs 1-62)


Write a brief introduction to self. Who are you? Why are you taking this class? What do you hope to learn about this semester? What are you hoping to do in the future?


Choose one of the three writing exercises introduced in the pecha kucha. Write a brief letter, a haiku, or a 55 word poem sharing something on your mind related to health (examples include reflecting on current events or media related to medicine, personal or professional experiences in medical settings, creating a work of fiction, thoughts related to the readings).

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