Teaching Illness Narratives through the Honors Program

I’m excited to announce that I will officially be teaching a mini-course about illness narratives this year!

The Honors Program at UM offers a unique opportunity for thesis-writing seniors: design a course and, if selected, teach it to first year students.

So I created my own syllabus and schedule/reading list for a course that I called Grand Rounds: Exploring the Literary Symptoms of Illness through Narrative.

This summer, I’ll be revising this syllabus and creating educational resources  to teach the course. It’ll be interesting to revisit some of the canonical works that I have studied over the past few months and rethink about them through an educational perspective.

I’m excited to get a sense of what teaching about illness narratives is like; since I hope to get involved in academic medicine and teach about this genre some day, I know this will be a great experience for me. And who knows, maybe I’ll even convert some students to be avid bloggers and illness narrative enthusiasts!

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