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Grand Rounds Week 1: Introduction, Syllabus, and Welcome to Blogging

One week ago was the first day of my Honors 135 course, Grand Rounds: Exploring the Literary Symptoms of Illness through Narrative. It was exciting to start and to meet all my students, and I’m really looking forward to an interesting and enlightening semester.

I’ve been struggling to decide exactly how I would like to showcase my course and my thoughts about teaching on this blog. For the time being, I’ve decided to focus on my own instruction materials. I might discuss new ideas that arise in class, but to honor the sanctity of our classroom discussion, I might withhold these thoughts until the end of the semester and reflect on the course as a whole at that time.

And so, here are the openly licensed materials from our first day of class:

Honors 135 Syllabus

Lesson Plan Week 1

How to Create WordPress Blog


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One year later…

I’ve been thinking about this post for a few weeks now. Anticipating it, smiling about it, even stressing about it. It’s been one year since I started this blog, and I feel obligated to write about it.

I think that there are a few reasons for my muddled emotions about writing this post. I wanted to write about how far this blog has come in one year, how happy I am to have found a space to write and share my thoughts. I wanted to thank my more than 1500 followers, a supportive community of people that I had never expected to find. And I wanted to once more express my amazement and appreciation about just how far my thesis research project has come and how excited I am to be teaching my own course about illness narratives this semester.

Intertwined with all these joys and accomplishments, however, are the confusions and ┬áhesitations that remain. I haven’t quite figured out where I fit into the fields of narrative medicine and medical humanities, but I find myself drawing away from both of these disciplinary labels. I’m not sure how exactly I will preserve my interests in this interdisciplinary arena, but I am determined to integrate this passion throughout medical school and beyond.

I was finally motivated to write this post, to reflect on how fulfilling this blog has been and recognize how much more I need to write through, because I realized that this is just where I should be. Writing blog posts in my head has become something that I just do, but I’m also glad that I haven’t found the answers to all my questions just yet. I guess that’s what this year will be for: finding more answers, and asking even more questions.


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